The real influence of all room acoustic behaviours on sound and music reproduction is still far under estimated by everyone, even by sound and acoustic engineers. Room modes, reverberations, reverberation patterns, resonating and sound absorbing objects and construction materials, their location in the room and other acoustic behaviours determine the frequency pattern and distortion of an initial sound burst at a certain point in the room at a certain time after the burst. In short terms the whole process is way too complicated to predict or to explain what will happen at one specific point in the room, and how the total rooms acoustic behaviour will affect music (re-)play.

To improve and to control room acoustics there are several products available. In general absorbing materials and diffusing objects are in use, and in more or less specific situations Helmholtz resonators. In larger rooms and halls electronic devices are in use to improve the sound quality and room acoustic perception.

Focussing on rooms for music (re-)production such as recording studio, music practice room, domestic listening rooms or other small or medium-sized rooms, important in all situations is to achieve balanced reverberation times, balanced reverberation patterns and tonal balance adequately tuned  and adjusted to a rooms purpose of use.

Focussing on dedicated listening rooms in recording studios and in private homes, tuning and voicing a sound system correctly are already a very delicate and precise activities. Improving room acoustics and musical performances without loosing any musicality, music information and dynamics demands other expertise skills and dedicated products. Just applying serious amounts of absorbing and diffusing materials and object in a room will affect the sound quality and musical performances badly. Quite sure you will hit reverberation times below 0.4 seconds where you definitely loose too much on sound performance and musicality issues.

The Harmonix RFA-7800 Room Tuning Disks is to our opinion the most fascinating product on the market. Already after applying a few disks to the instructed places on the wall, you will hear a rooms sound characteristics change positively. When you apply 1 set of 18 disks or more you will be amazed of how the musical performance gained in sound quality, dynamics, spaciousness, sound stage definition and depth, bass control, tonal balance and much more. That’s why our statement “Beyond Expectation”.

There is no other product on market that can achieve so much true improvements as these room tuning disks. They look simple, they look cheap, but they really do a tremendous good job.
When using RFA-7800 Room Tuning Disks you really don’t need much absorbing or any bass traps or Helmholtz
resonators, or any other artificial resonator devices.

Take our expertise advise: With the RFA-7800 get the best acoustic situation in your listening room, achieve the highest musical performance and enjoyment, and you save money and space.

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