This is quite a statement, but there is really only one system that can carry this prestigeous label. Reimyo is a small japanese brand with a huge reputations. Reimyo started in the nineties with WE-300B PAT-777 power amplifier it made things instantly very clear. You can impress most audiophiles only with specs, graphs and sound quality, but they don’t really listen to the music. Real music lovers you only impress with musical performance approaching a life-like music play. Therefore Reimyo belongs to music lovers that wants to experience and feel music with no compromises.

All Reimyo components launched over the years received many serious awards. The CDP-777 CD-player is a legendary piece of art, very close to analogue sound. The following generation CDT-777 CD-transport and DAP-999EX D/A-converter made it absolutely clear that you don’t need more bits and higher clock-frequencies to play at the highest level of musical enjoyment, both 16-bitters that beat any other digital source in terms of musical performances. Only true music lovers will appreciate and accept this fact. All others are blindfolded and deafened by specs, graphs and commercial hypes.

KAP-777 power amplifier and the CAT-777MK2 Tube pre-amplifier released the PAT-777 and CAT-777MK1 from their duties. Many music lovers and serious audiophiles including ourselves stated that is the best performing pre/main-Amp combo nowadays on the market. If you would like to hear for yourself, request an audition at a dedicated Reimyo dealer or distributor. You will be amazed about the music information and performance you have missed all those years.

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