We introduce ENCORE as Harmonix next generation Nearfield bookshelf speaker.

ENCORE will delight you with ambient, clean, airy, true-to-life music reproduction, and bass and musical, dynamic impact. The soundstage is projected with a natural perspective and superbly-balanced. By involving the Harmonix Resonance theory, the ENCORE is capable of reproducing a faithful rendition of the original music program without any deficiency.

Upon auditioning the ENCORE, you will discover and appreciate unknown ambient musical information. Vocal reproduction is much more life-like, unleashed by the absence of nasal character of the human voice that you encounter in many of today’s expensive speaker designs. The ENCORE with its unparalleled tonal balance has gravitas, with startling articulation of string instruments and fine delineation. It will be unthinkably involving. The ENCORE will impress and satisfy each and every serious music lover around the globe with its true dedication to recreating the musical art.

ENC-5 ENCORE Blk-Russet Combi

The ENCORE embodies a premier and cutting-edge speaker design, including elaborate enclosure assembly, eminent refinement of lacquered finish and our traditional and globally reknowned Harmonix Resonance Technology. Individually tuned by hand, every ENCORE is like a fine acoustic music instrument performing State-of-the-Art sound reproduction quality that is in a class of its own, using the best possible resonance technology and materials available.

The ENCORE is a bookshelf-sized speaker but designed to perform equal or better than multi-driver high-cost speaker systems. In many cases these particular multi-drivers designs will highlight one specific area/style of music reproduction while being inferior in other areas.
All “ENCORE” are meticulously handcrafted one by one rending with our traditional resonance control technology in a similar manner and skill of acoustic musical instrument crafting.

The ENCORE uses a unique point-source driver that is able to control dispersion patterns for an ultra-smooth frequency spectrum over the entire audible frequency band. The ENCORE’s design follows a closed enclosure principle based on Perfect Bass Balance theory, allowing a bass roll-off of 12dB octave ideally compensated by boost of room reflections often associated with listening rooms. This allows the small ENCORE system to sound like a large multi-drivers speaker system, but the ENCORE’s total performance is of much higher quality and involvement.

The nominal impedance of the ENCORE is 8 ohms and rarely drops below 7 ohms, making it easy to drive, even by low-powered tube amplifiers. To unleash the true potential of the ENCORE, the recommended amplifier should have higher electrical output current and quality.

The ENCORE can easily play without harmful listening fatigue in any common home listening room environment and even where space is limited, where brick, concrete and/or stone wall materials are abound. ENCORE can also play impressively in large listening rooms up to 80 square meters. Here (power) amplifiers that can a deliver larger current instead of more Watts are recommended.

Its predecessor the BRAVO! did acquire an enviable reputation as the most successful small-speaker in the world during its ten years on the market.

The last 4 years we continued to play the BRAVO! at hi-fi shows. The BRAVO! was the best of its kind, and maybe of all. At every show people visiting our room were very impressed and stunned by the total sound and musical performance of the BRAVO! On several occasions visitors asked us where the subwoofer was located, but there was never a sub present. Show reporters of audio magazines always wrote about the BRAVO!’s distinct, highly musical, and ‘that-something-special’ sound. All this expresses exactly the contribution of the Perfect Bass Balance principle design and the Harmonix Resonance Technology.

The ENCORE brings you and I even closer to a life-like performance, with even more joy and involvement. If you like, you can audition the ENCORE in our new dedicated Reimyo-Room and be spellbound. We would say, you have been pleasantly warned.

ENCORE nearfield bookshelf speaker

Technical Data
Model No: ENC-5
Drivers: 176mm fiberglass midrange, coaxial aluminum dome 25mm.
*One-point source driver controlled dispersion patterns and
balance for ultra smooth spectral.
Frequency response: 70-25,000Hz +/-2dB; 55Hz -6dB.
Sensitivity: 86dB/2.83V/1m
Impedance: 8 ohms
Crossover frequency: 2800Hz
Choice of amplifier: 20 – 150W
Enclosure closed box: 217 x 300 x 217mm
Grill: Mesh metal muffling, diffraction and early reflections free.
Colors: Black or Russet
Weight: 6.2 kg each.
Retail Price: € 5990 (including VAT/TVA/BTW) per pair.

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