‘The power of power’could be a simple phrase to start a discussion about the influence of a power distribution system on the sound quality and musical performance of your audio gear. Loosing on dynamics is the biggest of all fear when people want to setup or expand their power distribution system.
Sure, there is a lot to loose.
And ‘yes’ you will definitely loose on sound quality and musical performance when you choose inadequate power gear.

To get to the point:
BlackNoise mains filters en energy distributors are very well designed and well build products. Compared to many other competitive brand products, the gain in sound quality and musical performances is very remarkable, and you will hear definitely no losses in sound dynamics, in fact you will when in true sound dynamics. ‘What a relieve’!.

Carrying very nice price tags, compared to most ‘serious’ competitor brand products, We seriously suggest to audition BlackNoise mains filters and energy distributors at their full potential.

Please give us some feedback, I guess there a lot of people who like to share your experiences.

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